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ABR Innova Oy

About Company

ABR Innova develops and manufactures high-volume nanoparticle deposition systems that enable tile, glass and steel manufacturers to add value to their products. We offer the following solutions:

  1. nCLEAN enables tiles, glass and steel to be self-cleaning and/or anti-bacterial with minimal disruption to existing production lines. nCLEAN also helps surfaces shed moisture.
  2. nCOLOR opens up a new world of colorful design opportunities in glass tableware and packaging which, until now, have been completely impractical for high-volume applications.
  3. nPOWDER enables non-experts to make a variety of nanopowders at very affordable prices for R&D all the way up to production scale.

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ABR Innova Oy

Linnanrakentajantie 6-8
FIN-00880 Helsinki

Phone: +358 (9) 7599530

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