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Albany Molecular Research Inc.

About Company

Founded in 1991, Albany Molecular Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMRI) is a chemistry-based drug discovery, development and manufacturing company, focusing on small molecule prescription drugs. AMRI provides chemistry expertise at all stages of the drug discovery process (see chart below), from identifying leads for validated targets, to lead optimization, scale-up, in vitro metabolism, and cGMP synthesis and manufacturing for clinical trials and commercial products. To complement these capabilities, AMRI maintains an in-house analytical chemistry department with state-of-the-art analytical equipment.

Company research has led to dozens of issued and pending patents, including important patents for the active ingredient in the non-sedating antihistamine, Allegra, developed and marketed by Sanofi-Aventis. A key strategy of the company is to develop, acquire and apply promising new technology in order to bring added value to drug discovery and development projects.

AMRI maintains both a comprehensive chemistry services platform and a proprietary R&D platform. Since its inception, AMRI has provided contract chemistry services to many of the world's leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. AMRI's chemistry services platform includes medicinal chemistry, chemical process research and development, analytical chemistry and cGMP manufacturing. In addition, the company maintains several unique and/or proprietary technologies, including one of the industry's largest collections of natural products-based extracts (for lead discovery), biocatalysis, in vitro biology and fermentation. Customers collaborate with AMRI for a number of reasons: to complement their existing resources, to use AMRI as a chemistry department when none exists, to access unique technologies and expertise, and many others. For information about AMRI's chemistry services, use the following links: discovery services, preclinical services, clinical services and manufacturing.

In addition to providing chemistry services, AMRI also conducts its own proprietary research and development, with the goal of licensing preclinical and clinical compounds to a commercialization partner. The company has internal research programs in a number of therapeutic areas, including CNS/neurology, oncology, immune disorders, irritable bowel disease and anti-inflammation. These programs make use of AMRI's compound collections and expertise in high throughput screening, medicinal chemistry, natural products chemistry and biocatalysis. AMRI's proprietary R&D platform also includes collaborations in which customers may access one or more of the company's unique technologies, including natural products, high throughput screening, biocatalysis and fermentation. Internal research programs are at various stages of development, with several projects available for outlicensing. For more information about AMRI's proprietary research, please visit our R&D pages.

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Albany Molecular Research Inc.

21 Corporate Circle, PO Box 15098
NY, 12212-5098 Albany

Phone: +1 (518) 464 0279

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