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MEMSIC, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets CMOS Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) IC products that have on-chip mixed signal processing. MEMSIC is the first and the only company that integrates a MEMS inertial sensor with mixed signal processing circuitry onto a single chip using a standard CMOS IC process. This combination of technology has successfully yielded products at substantially lower cost and higher system performance and functionality than competitive products in the market for sophisticated accelerometers. In addition, this technological approach allows the Company to easily integrate additional functions, or create new sensors, using a standard CMOS IC process to expand into other MEMS application areas beyond accelerometers.

The Company's accelerometers, sometimes called inertial sensors are used to measure tilt or inclination, shock or vibration, or inertial acceleration. Any application that requires the control or measurement of motion is a potential application for accelerometers.

The performance vs. price points that MEMSIC's accelerometers can achieve is opening up new applications that until now were not practical. Due to its products are in the extremely high cost performance and dependability, MEMSIC has become a leading supplier of accelerometers in the field of consumer and electronic markets around the world. MEMSIC is well recognized by many world renowned companies such as Lenovo-IBM, SONY, Panasonic, Autoliv, IN Focus, TOMTOM, and MITSUBISHI to name a few. MEMSIC will continue designing and introducing new products to create new markets and opportunities on the basis of continuous improvement and innovation to become a leader in the field of integrated IC and MEMS.

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800 Turnpike Street
MA, 01845 North Andover

Phone: 1 (978) 738 0900

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