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sp3 Diamond Technologies

About Company

sp3 Diamond Technologies makes chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond for a broad range of applications where current materials have reached their limit. Our ability to make and deposit diamond is a direct result of our proprietary CVD diamond reactor technology and our coating services capability. It is this technology that allows us to deposit uniform, thin-film diamond and to do it cost-effectively. Consistent and cost-effective manufacture of CVD diamond is, in turn, broadening the material's appeal throughout multiple industries where diamond could be considered the material of choice.

Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA, the privately held company provides diamond products for advanced thermal management and cutting tool applications, diamond coating and material services, hot filament CVD reactors and deposition consulting services. sp3 Diamond Technologies is a subsidiary of sp3 Inc., a full service provider of products and services relating to thin-film and freestanding diamond deposition and other diamond materials. The company has a subsidiary, sp3 Ltd., in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where it manufactures and processes freestanding diamond.

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sp3 Diamond Technologies

2220 Martin Avenue
CA, 95050 Santa Clara

Phone: +1 (877) 773-9940

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