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Reactive Metal Particles

About Company

Reactive Metal Particles AS (RMP) specializes in developing metallic nanoparticles for the mass markets. At present, the company is developing an industrial production process for metallic sub-micron and nanoparticles. The patent-pending process has the potential to drastically reduce production costs, and thus the market price of metallic nanoparticles. In addition, the product is non-oxidized and in slurry form, thus preserving many of the particles’ reactive properties whilst in a format that is safe and easy to handle for workers. RMP’s unique selling points are in other words low cost and high safety.

RMP is currently offering small volumes of sub-micron and nanoparticles of zinc. The powder is delivered in a slurry, enabling easy and safe handling. The standard solvents are white spirits and xylene, but products with other solvents can be made on request. Samples are normally delivered with a concentration of 50-70 wt% of zinc. The products are delivered with SEM and 1-point BET-characterization.

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Reactive Metal Particles

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