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Neo Material Technologies

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Neo Material Technologies is a producer, processor and developer of neodymium-ironboron magnetic powders, rare earths and zirconium based engineered materials and applications through its Magnequench and AMR Performance Materials business divisions. These innovative products are essential in many of today’s high technology products. Magnequench’s neo powders are used to produce bonded magnets, generally used in micro motors, precision motors, sensors and other applications requiring high levels of magnetic strength, flexibility, small size and reduced weight. Rare earth and zirconium applications include catalytic converters, computers, television display panels, optical lenses, mobile phones and electronic chips. The Company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and has approximately 1,300 employees in 15 locations, across 10 countries.

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Neo Material Technologies

Suite 1740, 121 King St West
Ontario, M5H 3T9 Toronto

Phone: 1 (416) 3678588

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