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Continuing trends in technology-driven industries are driving towards increased performance, miniaturization, lower power consumption, lower production costs, and an environmentally friendly production environment.

Founded in 2003, Arradiance combines unique talents in material science, charged particle physics, equipment design, modeling and simulation, vacuum technology, and metrology.

With a concentration in charged particle detection and amplification, Arradiance is the first to develop and demonstrate the capability of producing high gain, low noise micro channel amplifiers. Using our proprietary Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) materials and equipment, Arradiance offers a new approach to electron amplification devices replacing the legacy traditional lead-glass/hydrogen firing process developed in 1960’s currently used for all state-of-the-art MCP applications.

Arradiance technologies consist of proprietary materials, process and equipment that provide:

  • Substrate independence (including silicon, glass, ceramic and plastic)
  • Selectable device resistance
  • Up to 10X higher gain than legacy lead glass process
  • Elimination of unwanted IONs yielding longer life of both the amplifier and photocathode
  • Semi-conductor class process control, reliability and repeatability
  • Higher yield/lower costs
  • Up to 25 substrates per hour

Arradiance plans to deploy the technology in several important markets:

  • Night Vision
  • Thermal and Fast Neutron Detection
  • Alternative Energy
  • Catalysis
  • Medical Imaging
  • Space Sciences
  • Scientific Instrumentation

With adoption in the near future of Arradiance process technologies, coupled with the recent advancements in vacuum MEMS technology, it is now foreseeable that high gain, low noise, low power semi-conductor process devices can be produced with far greater performance than traditional avalanche diode technologies.

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142 North Road, Suite F-150
MA, 01776 Sudbury

Phone: +1 (800) 659-2970

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