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CeramiSphere Pty Ltd was created in January 2007 as a spin-off of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation. CeramiSphere's patented and unique technology encompasses the room temperature encapsulation protection and controlled release of active bio-molecules in ceramic micro- or nano- particles for a wide range of applications such as "smart coatings" for surface protection and the delivery of drugs and bio-molecules for advanced healthcare and cosme/nutriceutical applications. The technology allow for a wide range of molecules to be encapsulated, from small drug molecules to large industrial enzymes, from highly soluble sweetener to hydrophobic biocides. The particle size can be tailored from 10 nm to 100 µm and the release rate from minutes to months.

Ceramisphere is currently working with a range of industrial partners in Australia and the rest of the world to develop some products for the delivery of specialty chemicals, cosmeceutical and pharmaceuticals.


Nano-biotechnology, encapsulation and controlled release of active molecules, drug delivery, cosmeceuticals, home & household care, food and speciality chemicals.

Sales Contact

Ms Ellen Gorrisen

Business Type: Nanotextile » | Biotechnology » | Electrotechnics » |


c/- ANSTO, New Illawarra Road
New South Wales, 2234 Menai

Phone: +61 (2) 9717 3111

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