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Applied Spectra, Inc.

About Company

Applied Spectra, Inc. (ASI) is a leading supplier of analytical instruments. This company stand at the forefront of laser ablation (LA) based elemental analysis techniques, with their world-class scientific and engineering teams. ASI simplifies the process of elemental chemical analysis, while delivering rapid, high-precision results that are environmentally friendly.

Applied Spectra's technology offers a compelling value proposition over traditional chemical analysis methods, which are slower and frequently involve destroying the sample and generating toxic chemical waste by-products.

Powerful, Customizable LIBS and LA-ICP-MS Products

Applied Spectra’s comprehensive and highly customizable product portfolio gives their customers a wide range of LA-based analytical solutions. Customers maximize their initial capital investment with respect to the required analytical performance.

Products by Applied Spectra deliver elemental and isotopic detection capabilities from ppm down to ppb level across virtually all elements in the periodic table. The versatile RT100 Series LIBS and J100 Series LA-ICP-MS platforms are designed to allow the use of different laser parameters for sample analysis, thus extending the applicability of ASI's instruments over a wide range of sample matrices.

Customers and Markets

Environmental analysis: detecting contaminants, hazardous substances, and studying the carbon cycle, Alternative energy manufacturing: solar cells, next-generation batteries, chemical analysis and metrology, Forensic science:substance discrimination, counterfeit analysis and nuclear material characterization, Analytical researchers: Development of LIBS and LA-ICP-MS analytical protocols, and supporting the R&D community.


Applied Spectra's scientific team delivers state-of-the-art technical consulting on laser ablation applications, including: elemental analysis, micromachining, fabrication of nano- and micrometer-sized particles with specific composition, tissue ablation, material fabrication and thin-film deposition.

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Applied Spectra, Inc.

46665 Fremont Blvd.
California, CA 94538 Fremont

Phone: +1 (510) 6577679x115

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