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GATTAquant GmbH

About Company

GATTAquant focuses on probes for fast, easy and precise quantification of super-resolution systems.

These probes allow customers to check the resolution of their microscope with a precision of a few nanometers. This level of precision is reached by using special nanostructures (so called DNA origami structures) as breadboards for placing single dye molecules in an exactly defined pattern.

The innovative nanorulers now allow a fast, easy and precise determination of resolution values in any common super-resolution system (STED, SIM, GSD, dSTORM, Blink microscopy, DNA-PAINT).

To ensure an optimized gain as well as a maximal performance of the probe, we design our products individually according to your wishes, requests and intentions.

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GATTAquant GmbH

Hagenring 14
Germany 38106 Braunschweig


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