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FSU - Center for Materials Research

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Material Manufacturer

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Since MARTECH’s foundation in 1986 by the Florida legislature, it has been chartered as an interdisciplinary center for education and research in materials science. MARTECH faculty and associates include both theorists and experimentalists in the fields of physics, chemistry, biological sciences and engineering. The center supports between sixteen (16) and twenty (20) graduate students in these disparate disciplines per year. Activities span the spectrum of classic magnetism to transport and magnetotransport in low dimensions to theoretical descriptions of strongly correlated fluids and electron systems as well as photo and polymer chemistry. Research in magnetic, biological and hybrid micro and nanotechnologies, some of which are briefly outlined elswhere, have provided Florida with national recognition in the field of small scale device technology. In addition to this basic research, MARTECH is a leading educational and support resource for the local research community, sharing its analytic instrumentation, technical support staff, and knowledge base. The Tallahassee, Florida, area is home of not only The Florida State University (FSU), but also The Florida A & M University (FAMU) and the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL), which is itself a multidisciplinary, multi-user facility providing research support to both academia and industry.

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FSU - Center for Materials Research

412 Keen Building
FL, 32306-4351 Tallahassee

Phone: 1 (850) 644 2246

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