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NanoHorizons Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

NanoHorizons has developed nano-scale materials and devices in three specific application areas:

  • Matrix-less laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry targets for drug development research. Our QuickMass™ targets enable high throughput screening of potential drug combinatorial chemistry products and general small molecule identification. The utility of these targets has been proven with several mass-spectrometry and pharmaceutical companies. NanoHorizons has built a production facility and is exploring other applications for QuickMass™ such as drug metabolite screening and proteomics.
  • A breakthrough separation and transfer technology that provides enhanced cost effective production methods for mechanically flexible displays, integrated circuits and sensors. Our PostFlex Process allows high performance microelectronic device (e.g. CMOS logic) to be fabricated on silicon wafers, and then transferred to a flexible substrate (e.g. plastic).
  • Sensitive, application specific gas sensors based on proprietary inorganic thin film column – void networks

Applications include:

  • Medical: e.g. breath monitor for intensive care and premature infant care
  • Industrial: on-line monitors for semiconductor and process gases
  • Environmental: specific gas sensors
  • Homeland Security: chemical threat detectors

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NanoHorizons Inc.

Technology Center, Suite 208, 200 Innovation Blvd.
PA, 16803 State College

Phone: 1 (814) 861 9909

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