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Bluestone Global Tech

About Company

Bluestone Global Tech (BGT), founded in 2011 and based in New York, is aiming at becoming the leader in the emerging graphene industry, introducing this advanced material to technological applications and bringing greatness to life.

Graphene is a highly adaptable and flexible material with an infinite number of disruptive technological applications, most of which have yet to be imagined. BGT’s game-changing technology allows the most innovative minds of our generation to reimagine and reshape the products that enhance our everyday lives. With the production of this unparalleled breakthrough material, BGT is quite literally redefining everything.

Bluestone's product lines include:

  • Gratom-M: High-quality, monolayer graphene film with high carrier mobility
  • Gratom-R: High-quality graphene film with low sheet resistance and high optical transmittance
  • Gratom-A: High-quality, large-area graphene films
  • Gratom-S: Large-domain, isolated monolayer graphene single crystal.


Visit Bluestone Global Tech's web store for more information.

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Bluestone Global Tech

169 Myers Corners Rd
Wappingers Falls, NY, 12590 Suite 210

Phone: 1 (845) 632 6326

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