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ADVA Optical Networking

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

A little more than ten years ago, ADVA Optical Networking was a small technology start-up in Munich, Germany. Today, we are a global market leader in metro optical networking and number one in Europe. We did it by understanding where the market is headed, recognizing and adapting to customer needs and always finding a way to deliver a smarter, faster solution. It’s an effective philosophy - if you have the people who can execute it.

Every day, our engineers work to advance the network, to discover more innovative and cost-effective ways to solve the problems our customers face today. And the ones they’ll face tomorrow.

At the same time, close customer contact and a clear understanding of the metro market allow us to provide real solutions for real-world challenges faced by enterprises and carriers alike. We combine technological expertise with adaptability, flexibility and an intense focus on our customers, helping them stay ahead of the pack as new trends develop.

Optical+Ethernet innovation enables ADVA Optical Networking to advance the transformation to packet-oriented optical networking and increase the efficiency of existing network infrastructure. Our scalable Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology provides more capacity, higher speeds, longer reach and a greater utilization of optical networks. As a result, networks become more manageable, operate more efficiently and possess considerably higher bandwidth for high-volume data transmission.

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ADVA Optical Networking

One International Blvd, Suite 705
NJ, 07495 Mahwah

Phone: 1 (201) 258 8300

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