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Huizhou Tian Yi Rare Material Co.,Ltd

About Company

Based in mainland China , TYR sells high-quality, advanced materials at very competitive prices. We specialise in high-purity rare earth metals, rare earth oxides, sputtering targets, evaporation material, nanometre powder and crucible exports to a world-wide market.

TYR appraises and selects suppliers according to the standard of their QCDS (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service) and QSTP (Quality, Service, Technology, Price). Our standards are high and we insist on equally high standards from our suppliers so that we can guarantee the exceptional quality of our products. We always aim to put quality first.

If you have any questions about TYR or our products then we would like to hear from you.

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Huizhou Tian Yi Rare Material Co.,Ltd

ShiJi 12K, ShiJiXingTian building, YanDa 1 Road
China Huizhou


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