The company produces electrically conductive materials that can be used in preparation of conductive inks for printed electronics, antistatic coatings, highly conductive adhesives and transparent conductive films and other.

NANOGAP is a nanomaterials company built on a technology platform of precisely controlled wet chemistry. This is expertise developed over 20 years by its co-founders, the leaders of the NANOMAG Research Group at the USC. Nanomaterials, the building blocks of the nanotechnology revolution, are defined by having at least one dimension less than 100 nanometers (nm) in size. Due to this small size, the nanomaterials exhibit new and improved properties over their “bulk material” counterparts. From the NANOGAP technology platform, novel, high performance nanomaterials are produced.

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Polig. Ind. Novo Milladoiro
15895 Milladoiro

Phone: 34-981-523-897

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