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Nano-Infinity Nanotech Co., Ltd.

About Company

Our R&D center has already established a firm foundation in fundamental research and development of materials a decade ago. In 1994, we successfully developed the nano particulate powders. Until now, we have developed nano fundamental materials, nano composite powders, nano composite pastes, nano composite seeds, nano composite plastic master batch, and nano application products with wider applications and more superior properties.

The unique properties of our upstream nano fundamental matrials, along with the high-threshold nano dispersion technology have brought excellent results to our semi-finished products and applications of high-performance products.

In the future, we will focus on R&D and marketing with equal weights and manufacture nano semi-finished and finished products with high differentiation, high performance, and high added value. To bring happiness to human life, we wish to get a step closer to the ultimate goal of benefiting the human being with nanotechnology.

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Nano-Infinity Nanotech Co., Ltd.

12F-C, No. 123, Sec. 3, Taichung Kang Rd.
Taiwan Taichung City


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