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Alnis BioSciences Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Alnis is a drug development company with a potent, enabling therapeutic platform to treat cancer as well as infectious and inflammatory diseases. Alnis has engineered nanoscopic hydrogels, or NanoGels, comprised of polymers, bioactives, and targeting molecules. These NanoGels are intended to selectively target pathological tissues, treat the disease, and afterwards simply disintegrate, returning to the individual components from which they were formed. Throughout this process, the NanoGels are designed to provide the patient with a lower systemic exposure to the toxic effects of bioactive components than previously possible. Additionally, nanogels are designed to improve potency. This combination of better safety and higher efficacy produces a large increase in therapeutic index.

Proprietary NanoGels to treat cancer and infectious diseases are actively under development at Alnis. The Company's first target indications are cancer ? renal, breast, and liver, in particular, where patients are poorly served by current therapeutics. Solid tumors such as these possess a leaky vasculature that allows chemotherapeutic-rich NanoGels to exit the bloodstream and enter the tumor. The blood vessels of healthy tissues are not leaky, so these particles cannot as easily enter healthy tissue.

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Alnis BioSciences Inc.

626 Bancroft Way #3B
CA, 94710 Berkeley

Phone: 1 (510) 845 1641

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