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Norsam Technologies

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Norsam Technologies, Inc. is a company providing microscopic, high technology products and services to its customers. The company operates a laboratory located in Hillsboro, Oregon and maintains a corporate office in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The company provides precision microscale products and services to microscopy, semiconductor, metrologic, materials science and other industrial and research customers.

The company has developed a microfilm replacement technology for archival preservation which reproduces microscopic pages of text and illustration onto silicon or metal discs; the latest development in these technologies is the NanoRosetta™ archival preservation system which utilizes unique microscopic processes to provide analog and/or digital data, information or pictures onto nickel plates (or onto silver or gold colored polymer discs). Densities of approximately 50,000 pages can be achieved on a 150 mm nickel wafer. The nickel wafer is much more durable as compared to microfilm/microfiche and serves as a replacement for those less archival media.

The company has cross licensed its focused ion beam technology with DeBeers to provide microscopic "clear" markings on diamonds and other gemstones and has entered into an exclusive license with Gemex Systems for marketing the company's ion beam technology to the diamond industry. Norsam's Sacred Light Diamond division markets the company's trademarks in the diamond industry. Norsam's original focused ion beam technology is under exclusive license from Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Norsam Technologies, Inc., a New Mexico corporation, was founded October 5, 1995 by John Bishop and two Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists, Roger Stutz and Dr. Bruce Lamartine. Within two years, 260 New Mexicans invested in the company as well as a large focused ion beam manufacturer.


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Norsam Technologies

P.O. Box 31279
NM, 87594 Santa Fe

Phone: 1 (505) 984 1133

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