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Aparna Biosciences Corporation (AparnaBio) is a privately held biotechnology company formed to pursue its passion to develop biomedical nanoparticle technology and products for research and treatment of human disease. The company is developing NanoElectroPlex, a proprietary tissue selective nanoparticle platform technology based on biodegradable macromolecular carriers.

AparnaBio has launched its InVivoPlex – TUMOR reagent system for in vivo delivery of siRNA and gene expression plasmids for research use. AparnaBio has secured intellectual property protection for its platform technology, established laboratories, expanded its staff, and been awarded significant competitive grant funding.

The company welcomes the opportunity to engage with collaborators and partners in academia and industry to apply its technology to the in vivo delivery of novel experimental and therapeutic molecules.


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12111 Parklawn Drive, Suite 123
MD, 20852 Rockville

Phone: 1 (301) 770-2101

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