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Advanced Magnetics (AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Our core technology is based on the characteristic properties of ultra small, semi synthetic coated iron oxide particles. Our core competencies include the ability to design such particles for particular applications, to manufacture the particles in controlled sizes and to cover the particles with different coatings depending upon the application for which they will be used.

Our iron oxide particles are composed of bioavailable iron that is easily absorbed by the body and incorporated into the body's iron stores. As a result, products using our core technology are well suited for use in intravenous iron replacement therapy. Additionally, the superparamagnetic characteristic of our products results in particles that become strongly magnetic when placed in a magnetic field, but lose their magnetism once the field is removed. Therefore, use of these particles may result in magnetic resonance images that increase the information available to the reviewing physicians.

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Advanced Magnetics (AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)

100 Hayden Ave
MA, 02421 Lexington

Phone: +1 (617) 498-3300

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