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Molecular Imprints Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Molecular Imprints was founded in Austin, TX, in 2001 to design, develop, manufacture and support imprint lithography systems to be used by semiconductor device and other industry manufacturers. Molecular Imprints is THE largest single organization in the world working solely on imprint lithography.

MII offers a novel technique of lithography and 3-dimensional printing, capable of patterning nano-scale devices and structures. The technique is based on step and flash imprint lithography (S-FIL™) technology that delivers a lower cost, low complexity alternative to expensive optical lithography tools. The patented S-FIL technology is a step and repeat, room temperature, low pressure (<1psi) nano-imprint process that demonstrates sub-20nm resolution.

MII sells to integrated circuit makers, chip makers, and device makers in various markets, including: semiconductor component devices, photonic and optical structures, nano fabrication, advanced packaging, data storage and MEMs/NEMs fabrication.

Molecular Imprints holds, or has filed for, over 300 patent applications, worldwide, related to all aspects of S-FIL, including intellectual property in the areas of fluid dispense and control, overlay alignment, template fabrication, and imprint materials.

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Molecular Imprints Inc.

1807 West Braker Lane, Building C-100
TX, 78758-3605 Austin

Phone: 1 (512) 339 7760

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