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Nanotechnolgy Transfer Organization NANTO

About Company

Nanto works with corporate clients and professional investors to get answers that drive strategic decisions. Investors want to know what is the commercial opportunity from a well defined research result and understand if the developed product will substitute an existing industry standard in an established market, or will create a new market that doesn't currently exist. Nanto advises investors on the opportunities offered by the emerging nanotechnology applications. Indeed it provides key information and support regarding:

  • value of the selected technology in terms of originality, innovative aspects, positioning and competitive advantages compared to existing technologies and those under development
  • risk factors related to R&D, technical difficulties to pass the production from lab scale to industrial scale, time to market, cost control, quality assurance and other potential challenges such as regulations, environmental standards, retaining key people, access to raw materials, machinery and equipment

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Nanotechnolgy Transfer Organization NANTO

Via San Nicolo, 11
34121 Trieste

Phone: +39 (040) 0640351

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