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Shrink Nanotechnologies

About Company

Shrink Nanotechnologies, Inc. is a research, design and development company dedicated to the commercial adoption of an innovative nanotechnology platform, the PolyShrink Manufacturing Solution™, a new paradigm in the rapid design and low cost fabrication of microchips and devices for a wide range of applications.

PolyShrink Manufacturing Solution™ utilizes the unique characteristics of our PolyShrink™ organic and biodegradable plastic materials (along with other conventional plastic substrates) that enables complex structures to be designed at the macro-scale, while retaining the original designs on a much smaller scale. PolyShrink™ based applications can be designed and prototyped in a few hours versus conventional methods using silicon or other materials that require costly equipment and labor intensive processes. This novel approach reduces design, manufacturing and material costs, thereby improving time to market at substantially lower costs. PolyShrink™ offers innovative methods and materials for a new generation of applications which were never before possible or cost effective. PolyShrink™ devices stand to address some of the greatest challenges of critical national importance that face America and the World today -

  • Solar energy as a means to harness clean and green renewable power
  • Improved and more affordable clinical and field-use diagnostics for the human and non-human healthcare industries
  • Bio-hazard and environmental sensors
  • Stem cell research tools and therapeutic substrates using our CellAlign™ technology

Shrink was founded in the State of California on January 15, 2008. Shrink leading scientists, seasoned business advisors and an executive team that is dedicated to bringing it's exclusively licensed technologies to the commercial marketplace.

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Shrink Nanotechnologies

2038 Corte Del Nogal, Suite 110
California, 92011 Carlsbad

Phone: +1 (760) 804-8844

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