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Accurion GmbH

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Component Supplier

About Company

Accurion is a high-tech company providing advanced instrumentation in the field of surface analysis and active vibration isolation.

Under the brand Nanofilm, Accurion offers surface analysis equipment like imaging ellipsometers, Brewster angle microscopes, reflection spectrometers and many more. The instruments are used in different fields of science like nanotechnology, materials science, colloid-and surface chemistry and biophysics. Typical applications are Langmuir-Blodgett films, supported lipid bilayers, membranes, self-assembling monolayers, layer by layer adsorption, polymers, lipids, protein interaction, biochips, coatings, MEMS, OLETs, solar cells, data storage, quality control of laser diodes, flat panels, new materials, etc.

The second product division Halcyonics, offers various active vibration isolation systems for the isolation of sophisticated measurement equipment from building vibrations. Application areas are for example: scanning probe microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, micromanipulation, nanoindentation, optical profilers, confocal microscopy, LCD-manufacturing, analysis of surface structures and many more.

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Accurion GmbH

Stresemannstrasse 30
Germany Göttingen, 37079


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