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NanoLab Inc.

About Company

NanoLab Inc. was founded in January 2000, by Mr. David Carnahan, Dr. Zhifeng Ren and Dr. Krzysztof Kempa. The company is headquartered in Newton , Massachusetts and operates as a manufacturer of carbon nanotubes and developer of nanoscale devices.

The primary nanotube products are high purity carbon nanotubes, in powder form and also as vertically aligned arrays on varied substrates. These can be customized for various applications, and are available in multi ton per year quantities. NanoLab is also the manufacturer of Buckypaper, nanotube suspensions, nanotube monolayers, and nanotube ink cartridges (NinkTM).

NanoLab is actively developing nanotube applications as well. Under government funding and private support, NanoLab has successfully produced nanotube composites including high-toughness-boron-carbide for armor applications, and nanotube-carbon fiber epoxy composites for the aerospace industry. Nanotube-application development remains NanoLab's primary mission

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NanoLab Inc.

179 Bear Hill Road
MA, 02458 Waltham

Phone: +1 (781) 609 2722

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