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Arryx Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

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Haemonetics is a global company engaged in the design, manufacture and worldwide marketing of automated blood processing systems. These systems address important medical markets: surgical blood salvage, blood component collection, plasma collection, and blood component safety.

Arryx's patented HOT technology uses focused light to form optical traps that function like microscopic "tractor beams" to grab small objects. These optical traps (also known as laser tweezers) can hold, move, rotate, join, separate, stretch, and otherwise manipulate hundreds of microscopic and nanoscopic objects, ranging from the size of a human cell down to less than 1/1000th the diameter of a human hair. Optical Trapping Overview

Arryx's proprietary technology gives rise to multiple applications. Arryx's first product, the BioRyx® 200 optical trapping system, is able to produce and move multiple optical traps for manipulating cells, beads, or other objects. Because our technology can use multiple laser beams at low power to hold an object, it is ideal for handling cells and other sensitive objects and materials. The BioRyx 200 system can be used to collect specified types of cells from a mixed suspension, manipulate cells for enhanced viewing, measure cell-cell interactions and cell-object interactions, and hold sample material for further investigation or isolation. BioRyx 200 application brochure

Arryx has received several awards for innovation. The BioRyx 200 system has been sold to several universities and government institutions, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Arryx is now leveraging its technology in developing new products.

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Arryx Inc.

316 North Michigan Avenue Suite CL20
Illinois, 60601 Chicago

Phone: 1 (312) 726 6675

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