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MicroBond Technologies

About Company

MicroBond Technologies™ is a specialty sealant manufacturer based out of Minnesota that combines industry experience with true nanotechnology to provide products with unsurpassed corrosion protection, preservation against wear, and abrasion, UV damage prevention and friction reduction for surfaces of all kinds.

With its revolutionary ability to deeply penetrate the substrate, or surface to which it’s applied, Coretrate™ chemically binds with the many free ions within the material. As a result, a one-time application of Coretrate produces a powerful and permanent bond that will stand up to bumps or scratches that would compromise the effectiveness of other so-called sealants that merely use nano particles stuck to the surface with an adhesive.

Proven time and again in both lab and real-world tests, Coretrate was developed by leading scientists to deliver unsurpassed performance in the most demanding of environmental conditions. As a leading product in the new nano industrial revolution, Coretrate offers almost unlimited applications for a broad range of industries with treatments for engines, marine use, engineering, manufacturing, fluid movement and much, much more.

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MicroBond Technologies

P.O. Box 275
MN, 55082 Stillwater

Phone: +1 (888) 702-6738

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