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Micronics Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Micronics, Inc. is one of the leading developers of in vitro diagnostic products for disease diagnosis, prognosis and treatment monitoring. The Company employs a core patent estate in microfluidics - the ability to miniaturize complex tests onto credit card sized disposable devices, called lab cards. Tests that today take hours to days in a central laboratory environment are processed on a Micronics lab card in seconds to minutes.

Micronics is noted for its ability to eliminate sample pre-conditioning, which involves numerous and time-consuming steps typically handled by trained technicians in a laboratory setting. Applying its technologies and know how, Micronics is able to process a complete diagnostic test directly from a small volume of biological sample - including whole blood, urine, pharyngeal aspirate and feces - applied to a lab card. The card processes the sample and secures the waste on board for ease of use and safe disposal.

Most importantly, Micronics products are responsive to market demand today as well as emerging trends. For the first time, the ability to combine cutting-edge nucleic acid assays, surface chemistries and microfluidics technologies coupled with global demand for solutions that address aging populations, escalating healthcare costs, and rapid spread of new antibiotic resistant diseases, makes the introduction of point of care molecular diagnostics not only possible but imperative.

Micronics has developed or obtained exclusive, worldwide license rights to 48 issued patents on the use of laminar flow diffusion in microchannels, microcytometry, and micro pumps and valves, and has over 40 pending patent applications. The Company believes its patent portfolio is both fundamental and blocking. Micronics is happy to discuss license rights to its technology. For further information about Micronics' intellectual property portfolio and licensing strategy, please contact

Micronics is revenue generating today. The Company provides comprehensive development services to client worldwide with complementary technologies and/or chemistries that are ideally suited to the lab card format. Micronics is the premier provider of rapid prototyping of thin film laminate-based lab cards for a range of applications - from immunoassays to nucleic acid assays on card; from protein crystallography to DNA sequencing. Please Contact Us for additional information.

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Micronics Inc.

8463 154th Avenue NE, Building F
WA, 98052 Redmond

Phone: 1 (425) 895 9197

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