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We are committed to enabling nanodiamond technology. This is reached through promotion of the applications and delivering of the most high-quality nanodiamond at an affordable price. Our employees are committed to product knowledge and customer satisfaction. sets up a two way approach to market this special product:
1. sell in high quantity directly into the industrial market as usual.
2. sell in smaller quantities to a wide audience through the internet channel.

We promote nanodiamond technology. Our approach brings the most high-quality nanodiamond at an affordable price to the widest potential application users. We are committed to cost effective processes and we want to establish as the first online market for nanodiamond.

Small manufacturers in new markets are willing to use our products to establish themselves in new markets improving the quality of their products by using nanodiamond technology. By acting as a missionary in new markets with an affordable solution's efforts can benefit manufacturers by helping to establish them in particular markets early on.

An example of this is the application of nanodiamond in coatings on metal improving substantially the quality of an already affirmed product putting clearly competion behind. Another example is the application of nanodiamond in the generation of very hard metal composites for products that outline the competition in hardness, weight and wear resistance. By focusing on applications avoids channel conflict with traditional distribution. works with producers and has established contacts with research institutes and universities.

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Via Motta 70a
CH - 6900 Massagno, TI,

Phone: +41 (79) 400 06 09

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