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Process Relations GmbH

About Company

In the last ten years the Process Relations team has developed a unique, innovative development methodology and software suite called XperiDesk. The suite applies the principles of Enterprise Information Management to the field of developing high-tech manufacturing processes (e.g., semiconductor, MEMS; photovoltaic, nano-particles). The so called Process Development Execution System (PDES) provides easy access to existing knowledge and lets engineers leverage existing data, information and knowledge experience to its fullest extent. This provides for faster and more cost-effective development through structuring and optimizing the complete R&D workflow.

Aimed at knowledge intensive high-tech industries developing production processes in the semiconductor, MEMS, NEMS, solar and biotechnology field XperiDesk® offers a complete solution to help organizations leverage their knowledge. XperiDesk® enables companies to optimize their R&D workflow and to develop their manufacturing processes faster to profitability at lower cost.

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Process Relations GmbH

Emil-Figge-Str. 76-80
Germany Dortmund, 44227


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