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Strem Chemicals

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Material Manufacturer

About Company

Strem Chemicals, Inc. established in 1964, is a privately-held company that manufactures and markets specialty chemicals of high purity. Its clients include academic, industrial and government research and development laboratories as well as commercial scale businesses in the pharmaceutical, microelectronic and chemical / petrochemical industries. Strem Chemicals also provides custom synthesis and cGMP manufacturing services.

Strem Chemicals' corporate headquarters is located in Newburyport 38 miles (60km) north of Boston. In 1999 this site was expanded to 30,000 sq. ft (2,800 m2). Its cGMP facility is FDA inspected. The European headquarters and warehouse are located in Bischheim, France.

Strem Chemicals, Inc. is a member of SOCMA (Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association) and is committed to Responsible Care®.

Our mission is to provide specialty chemicals of high purity, in a timely fashion, to help our customers achieve their research and development and commercial objectives."

"We recognize that the successful growth of our organization is the result of a synergy that utilizes the talents and teamwork of our employees, suppliers and customers."

"Our employees are committed to personal integrity, cooperative effort and mutual respect and are empowered to take an active role to provide great customer service."


Since its inception, Strem Chemicals has focused on offering unique organometallic compounds for both academic and industrial research purposes. Close relationships with leading researchers in the field have enabled Strem to stay abreast of the latest scientific advances in and regularly add novel chemicals to our product portfolio. Most recently Strem has embraced the emerging area of nanotechnology and formed a collaboration with the Max-Planck-Institut fuer Kohlenforschung. A series of nanomaterials, including metal nanoclusters, metal nanocolloids (organosols and hydrosols), metal nanopowders, metal nanoparticles, and magnetic fluids are now available from Strem.

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Strem Chemicals

7 Mulliken Way
Massachusetts, 01950-4098 Newburyport

Phone: 1 (978) 499 1600

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