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IDGLOBAL Corporation was founded in 2005 to provide private enterprise and governments with total, integrated brand protection solutions to prevent revenue loss from counterfeiting, product diversion and gray market activities at any and all points in the supply chain. IDGLOBAL specializes in developing custom solutions based on its integrated Nano-Molecular Marker™ and Track N’ Trace technologies with applications in brand authentication, anti-counterfeiting, loss prevention and secure supply chain management.

IDGLOBAL principals have more than 15 years collective experience in brand protection and supply chain security and have quickly earned an industry reputation for innovation in technology integration. With a deep knowledge base, robust R&D program and industry leading partners, IDGLOBAL has the technological resources and financial strength to revolutionize the way corporations protect product brands, supply chains and revenues. IDGLOBAL’s extensive employee education and consumer awareness programs support the effectiveness of the custom solutions developed and deployed for clients around the world.

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#6 - 1925 Kirschner Road
BC, V1Y 4N7 Kelowna

Phone: +1 (250) 8628933

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