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IXRF Systems was incorporated on October 1st, 1993 in the state of Texas. The company originally began by upgrading Kevex bulk X-ray Fluorescence systems to modern Windows based systems. It is from these XRF beginnings that the name IXRF is derived. IXRF quickly expanded it's product offerings to include Microanalysis systems. Today, Microanalysis systems make up the majority of IXRF's business, however adding XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) is being accepted rapidly, coining the phrase "iXRF" meaning "Integrated XRF" in the SEM.

IXRF's current products include:

  • Complete new EDS systems- IXRF provides complete EDS systems, including new detectors.
  • EDS System Upgrades- Using an existing EDS detector, older EDS systems can be upgraded to state-of-the-art systems for a much lower cost than that of new systems.
  • fX SEM Tube- Provides a 500 micron- 5mm X-ray spot (XRF) analysis in the SEM.
  • X-Beam- State-of-the-Art Micro XRF. Spot Sizes around 40-60 microns or larger.
  • Custom X-ray Applications. IXRF developes specialty products for a variety of customers. Customized Analytical software, Stage Automation, and product development.

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15715 Brookford Drive
Texas, 77059 Houston

Phone: +1 (281) 286-6485

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