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Catalyx Nanotech

About Company

Catalyx Nanotech, Inc. was formed in 2007 to manufacture various nanomaterials on a commercial scale. Novel, low cost techniques of producing nanomaterials have been proven effective, but are yet to be produced on a commercially viable scale. While many proven applications exist for nanomaterials, the current cost due to limited production capability and lack of process optimization is prohibitive for wide scale commercial use.

At CNI, our vision is to provide the world with high purity, exceptional materials at costs comparable to current high grade materials used by various industries. We have licensed and will continue to license patents which we feel are commercially viable.

Our first production facility has a capacity of 1.5 Kg per day of Platelet Graphite Nanofibers, Graphite Nanochips or Hexagonal Nanotubes. We are in the process of expanding to a larger production capacity fr each of the products.

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Catalyx Nanotech

1200 N. Van Buren Suite A
CA, 92807 Anaheim

Phone: +1 (714) 630-2124

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