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Materials and Electrochemical Research Corp.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Materials and Electrochemical Research (MER) Corporation is devoted to high technology materials and electrochemical research and development with emphasis on advanced composites, coatings and fullerenes/nanotubes and near net shape metals/alloys as well as energy conversion systems that include batteries, fuel cells, and gas storage. MER was started in 1985 with SBIR contracts as its primary business. In 1986, MER entered into a joint venture with a foreign international chemical corporation with MER as the managing partner to commercialize aluminium nitride ceramics. After building the joint venture into a research, development and production operation, MER sold its interest to Montedison in Mid 1988. MER has a joint venture with Mitsubishi that focusses on fullerene/nanotube applications development and production. MER has built state-of-the-art research, development and small-scale production facilities for performing contract R&D and production demonstrations. Extensive cooperative efforts between major universities and international corporations have been a hallmark of MER's research and development activities.

MER continues to emphsize SBIR contract activities as well as to explore opportunities to commercialize the developed technologies in advanced composites, powders, coatings, reinforcements, fullernes and energy conversion systems. MER excels in innovation solutions to material development problems and has been a leader in translating these solutions to commercial applications.

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Materials and Electrochemical Research Corp.

7960 South Kolb Road
Arizona, 85706 Tucson

Phone: 1 (520) 574 1980

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