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Nano Technology Inc.

About Company

Nowadays, the technology progress speed is so rapid that most of business survival is directly and/or indirectly affected by it.

Nano Technology (NT) has strongly attracted public attention as a core technology leading new industrial innovation since 21st century started.

Nano Technology Inc. (NTI) was established in March, 2002 with the aim of preoccupying the technology predominance in the world. NTI has been carrying out various R&D projects related to the Nano Technology, and has developed and produced several products as follows;

  • Pulsed Wire Evaporation System to produce Nano Powder
  • Magnetic Pulsed Compaction System to compact Nano Powder
  • Metal/Ceramic Nano Powder : Al, Cu, Fe, Ag, Sn, W, Zn, Cu-Ni Alloy, CuO, ZnO, SnO2
  • Nano Fiber : Al2O3, Fe2O3
  • Nano Lubricant

NTI, as a company certified as Venture Mark in Korea, believes to fully satisfy all of its customers by supplying the high quality products consistently.

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Nano Technology Inc.

KAERI TBI B/D #407, Dukjin-dong 150, Yusung-ku,
305-353 Daejeon

Phone: +82 (42) 8620671

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