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Avantium Technologies BV

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Avantium Technologies provides innovative high-throughput R&D services and technologies to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Avantium innovation driven solutions combine high-throughput experimentation technology, novel research methodology and state-of-the-art software to accelerate R&D. Our mission is to increase the success rate and economics of the product and process development efforts of our customers. Using Avantium’s proprietary technology platforms they will generate high-quality results much faster than using conventional research methods.

Avantium is a privately held and independent research company. Our headquarters are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands a 20-minute drive from Schiphol airport.

We employ a team of highly educated professionals who are experts in catalysis, crystallography, organic chemistry, engineering of robotic systems, process engineering, statistics, cheminformatics and software development. Our teams work in close partnership with customer R&D organizations.

Since its formation in February 2000, many major chemical and pharmaceutical companies have recognized Avantium as the leader in the field of high-throughput experimentation. We work in partnership to supplement in-house R&D, providing full-scope outsourced projects or transferring our technology into the R&D facilities of our customers.

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Avantium Technologies BV

Amsterdam, 1014BV 29

Phone: 31 (20) 586 8080

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