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Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Graphene nanoplatelets

About Company

Xolve technology addresses both of the fundamental problems of nanomaterials: performance and price. The Company’s platform discovery has the capability of actually dissolving nanoparticles in stable solutions. This capability correctly prepares nanomaterials to better achieve actual performance close to projected performance limits. Xolve’s base technology also allows for the manufacture of nanomaterials, such as graphene, in a very pristine form and at the lowest cost in the industry.

Of equal importance to the primary manufacture and preparation of the nanomaterial, Xolve’s technology also makes these materials cheaper and simpler to apply. Xolve’s first commercial expression of these dual technical capabilities is in the application of its high quality, low-cost graphene to polymer composites and energy storage materials. Xolve has developed a series of tools that can take exfoliated nanomaterials and place them into or on a significant array of polymer composites, inexpensively modifying a range of attributes of those materials to improve their performance in commercial applications.

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1600 Aspen Commons, Suite 101
WI, 53562 Middleton

Phone: +1 (608) 203 8362

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