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Applied Nanoscience

About Company

Applied Nanoscience Inc. is the owner of a growing Intellectual Property platform - NEFT™ (NanoFense™ particles – Enhanced – Filtration - Technology). The company currently holds issued patents in Australia, India, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore and Taiwan covering a broad use of nanotechnologies tied to air filtration. The NEFT platform combines any type of nanoparticle that is known or engineered to be capable of destroying bacteria, fungi, viruses, or toxins with one or more hydrophobic or hydrophilic filters. The IP coverage spans the following utilization: the filter media can be coated with nanoparticles, or have nanoparticles impregnated into an existing filter to target specific viruses, harmful bacteria and fungi in ambient air. The nanoparticles can be in the form of either a powder or a pellet. When pellets are employed, the hydrophobic or hydrophilic filter is placed adjacent to the nanoparticles.

Applied Nanoscience Inc. is a marketer and developer of novel antimicrobial nanoparticle formulations specifically targeted for air filtration applications. Our NanoFense™ formulation can be applied to or “coated” on virtually any existing filter media and will eradicate a wide range of harmful bacteria, virus and fungi. This enhancement positions a manufacturer for differentiating their current filtration products from competitors.

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Applied Nanoscience

1902 Wright Place Suite 200
CA, 92008 Carlsbad

Phone: +1 (760) 918-5560

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