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Applied MEMS Inc.

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Material Manufacturer

About Company

Applied MEMS Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Input/Output Inc., has operated a 35,000 sq. ft. MEMS manufacturing facility in Stafford, Texas, since 1997. Applied MEMS offers MEMS foundry services with a suite of state-of-the art front-end and back-end processes that address our customers' complete product development cycle from design through prototyping and high volume manufacturing, for both MEMS devices as well as micro-systems. Applied MEMS offers a suite of MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) based products and services. Applied MEMS currently offers micro-g accelerometers for various seismic, strong motion, test/vibration measurement and control, and inertial guidance applications. Applied MEMS also offers a family of micro-mirror technologies suitable for beam positioning, VOA, tunable laser, optical switching/multiplexing, and HDTV/display applications.

Applied MEMS originated as the MEMS R&D organization for Input/Output, with the mandate to develop a manufacturable, robust, micro-g accelerometer that would enable the world's first digital multi-component seismic sensor for the oil and gas exploration industry. The goal was achieved and it was commercialized as the VectorSeis® seismic sensor, which represents a paradigm shift for the oil and gas exploration industry. VectorSeis® offers performance and field deployment advantages over conventional seismic geophones. VectorSeis® has energized new thinking on how to further apply MEMS technology to the various aspects of the oil and gas field life cycle, from exploration through appraisal drilling and production from the well.

The seismic accelerometer program helped Applied MEMS establish a state-of-the art MEMS organization, intellectual property portfolio, and facility that can be applied to meet the MEMS product and service needs of our customers. Input/Output and Applied MEMS have a synergistic relationship - Input/Output can be viewed as a built-in investor and customer for Applied MEMS, and Applied MEMS is effectively a non-captive foundry for MEMS end users.

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Applied MEMS Inc.

12200 Parc Crest Drive
TX, 77477 Stafford

Phone: 1 (281) 879 2012

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