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Nanocerox, Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Mixed-Metal Oxide Spherical Nanopowders

About Company

Nanocerox produces mixed-metal oxide spherical nanopowders. For most of our materials, average particle size is in the 20-75nm range. Over 200 different formulations have been synthesized with our Flame Spray Pyrolysis process. Correct stoichiometry and low levels of impurities are the hallmarks of everything we make.

Our nanopowders are genuinely nanoscale. As produced by our reactors, the powders are weakly agglomerated nanocrystallites held together by electrostatic forces. The powders are readily dispersed in a wide variety of media.
We work with our customers to develop nanostructured materials in the form of dry powders, liquid dispersions, coatings and multi-functional ceramics.

Sales Contact

Annette Kennedy
Sales Director

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Nanocerox, Inc.

712 State Circle
Michigan, 48108 Ann Arbor

Phone: 1 (734) 741-9522

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