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NanoCluster Devices Ltd.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Nano Cluster Devices Limited has developed novel methods for taking clusters of atoms and forming them into electrically conducting wires. These wires are so small they can only be seen with the aid of an electron microscope. They have a wide range of applications in many of the world’s multi-billion dollar industries. A comprehensive Patent Portfolio has been established.

Nano Cluster Devices Ltd was formed in early 2004 to commercialise a unique combination of top down and bottom up approaches to nanotechnology. The key aspect of the technology is that nanowires can be self-assembled between electrical contacts without the time consuming and expensive manipulation that typically hinders the production of nanodevices.

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NanoCluster Devices Ltd.

6th and 7th floor, Rutherford Building University of Canterbury
Christchurch, 8020 Engineering Road, Private Bag 4800

Phone: 64 (3) 364 3456

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