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Material Manufacturer

About Company

Nanobiotix is dedicated to finding new treatments for cancer based on the combined application of nanotechnologies and biotechnologies.

Nanobiotix currently develops NanoBiodrugs which are precisely targeting abnormal cells and destroying them through the controlled generation of physical or chemical reactions triggered by external activation. Nanobiodrugs are composed of two parts:

  • an inorganic core which, through activation(for example the application of an external field such as MRI) will cause the destruction of the targeted cells and
  • a targeting molecule which will guide the Nanobiodrug to the target.

This unique mode of action explains the accuracy of the therapeutic activity and the expected excellent tolerance. Furthermore, because the activity is triggered externally, this implies a total control of the activity of the NanoBioDrugs.

So far Nanobiotix has demonstrated both in vitro and in vivo both the accuracy of the targeting and the tolerance of the NanoBiodrugs currently under development. In vitro experiments have validated the concept of cell destruction through external activation and the absolute control of this process, with the emergence of an activation time-cell destruction function. Promising large animal studies on various cancer models and different compounds are currently under way.

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36, rue du sentier
France 75002 Paris


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