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Aviva Biosciences Corporation

About Company

Founded in 1999, the Company is focusing on the unmet needs of healthcare and life science industry. Aviva has pioneered cell-based platforms, which have led to an innovative product (SealChip™) which has become the industry standard for ion channel-focused drug discovery. The Company continues to leverage its expertise in cell-based assays by targeting new commercial applications which will benefit patients. Aviva is currently developing innovative rare cell enrichment technologies, particularly focused on circulating tumor cells (CTC), which will significantly advance the accuracy and sensitivity of cancer disease diagnosis and monitoring.

Based in San Diego, CA., AVIVA Biosciences Corporation develops enabling drug discovery and development technologies by combining biochips with cell biology. Key application areas include electrophysiology research, ion channel drug screening and rare-cell isolation.

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Aviva Biosciences Corporation

11180 Roselle Street, Suite 200
CA, 92121 San Diego

Phone: (+1) (858) 552 0888

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