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NextTechs Technologies

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Service Provider

About Company

<NextTechs Technologies LLC, is a global technology intermediation firm. NextTechs secures debt and equity financing and/or arrange acquisition, licensing, joint venture, strategic alliance, R&D sub-contracting, or exchange any other technology transfer agreements for its clients. Transaction driven, NextTechs follows the standard investment banking practices of anonymously originating and distributing development risk interests between buyers and sellers.

Buyers - We save our clients time and money by measuring the pulse and pace of the most sustainable technologies that can provide them with competitive edge.

Sellers - We discover pricing models, market oriented IP strategies, novel applications and place our clients’ most innovative technologies in the marketplace.

Although we focus almost exclusively on corporations, those looking to enhance their corporate supply chain, we maintain strong relationships with private equity investors and seed and early stage venture capital firms. NextTechs’ client base also includes federal/government agencies, federal/government labs, private research institutions and universities.

NextTechs pursues a market approach to technology transfer and commercialization. Our $2.5 billion technology portfolio covers more than 41 industries representing 141 research disciplines. Each research discipline has its own unique trends, life cycles, and participants.

Sales Contact

Dr Carlos Gorrichategui
Chief Operations Officer

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NextTechs Technologies

410 Pierce Street, Suite 307
Texas, 77002 Houston

Phone: 1 (832) 4769310

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