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Nanoesis Advanced Materials

About Company

Nanoesis' business is devoted to the nanotechnology and the tremendous opportunities nanomaterials provide due to the change in the properties they exhibit when their structure is altered down to the nanometer scale. These nanomaterials change their characteristics depending on their composition, structure and morphology. Their properties can be altered by engineering their spatial properties as well as their compositions.

Nanoesis specialize in providing their clients with high- purity Nanomaterials with select compositions. They also manufacture customised compositions of Nanomaterials, on clients’ request, and also undertake joint development projects which involve engineering specific properties for specialised applications.

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Nanoesis Advanced Materials

Plot 7a/1,Beside Electric Substation
Andhra Pradesh, 502 319 Hyderabad

Phone: +91 (40) 7702922441

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