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Martini Tech is a company founded in 2006 and based in Japan providing nanoimprint and MEMS-related services to companies in Europe.

Using our extensive network of Japanese companies, we can offer solutions for a wide range of customer needs: if your company has any inquiry related to nanotechnology.

We currently offer nanoimprint and MEMS-related services to our customers, but if you have any inquiry about nano-technology and microfabrication-related services (thin film deposition, patterning, microfluidics, bonding, etc.) please feel free to contact us as we will be able to find the right solution for your needs even if the services you require are not among the ones listed.

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Tachibanaya Bldg. 3rd Floor
2.12.2012 Tokyo-to Chuo-ku, Ginza

Phone: +81 (80) 6626-2790

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