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Tethis S.r.l.

About Company

Spreading innovation in the Nano- and Biotechnology fields - this is the aim of Tethis. We are heading for this goal through a tri-fold market approach reflected by the three business units of Tethis: Tethis Systems, Tethis Technology Services and Tethis Research.

Tethis Systems focuses on the design and sale of nanoparticle synthesis and nanocoating units allowing customers to develop their own nanotech-products in-house.

Tethis Technology Services supports customers with nano - and biotech product development by technical consulting and by opening Tethis' platform technologies for services such as tailor-made coatings or nanopowder development.

Tethis Research targets on the incorporation of nanotechnology in devices, for instance by the integration of nanotechnology, biotechnology and microfabrication. Many of our research projects are based on collaborations with industries, universities and research centers reflecting our motto "Integration through collaboration".

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Tethis S.r.l.

Piazzetta Bossi, 4
Italy Milan


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