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Quantachrome Instruments

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Laboratory Instrument Supplier

About Company

Quantachrome... renowned innovator of ideas for today's porous materials needs. For more than 35 years, Quantachrome's scientists have revolutionized measurement techniques and designed instrumentation to enable the accurate, precise, and reliable characterization of powdered and porous materials according to:

Whether you work with catalysts, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, carbons, building materials - or any other porous or divided solid - at some point you, your colleagues or your customers will need quantitative information about surface area, pore size, pore volume and density, or more specific properties such as active metal area and hydrophilic behaviour. Quantachrome offers more than thirty instruments to meet your exact requirements - and Quantachrome backs its quality products with worldwide service and renowned application support. Not only are Quantachrome products the instruments of choice in academia, but the technology conceived and developed by our scientific staff is applied in industrial laboratories worldwide, where research and engineering of new and improved porous materials is ongoing. Manufacturers also rely on porous materials characterization technology to more precisely specify bulk materials, to control quality, and to isolate the source of production problems with greater efficiency.

Quantachrome is also recognized as an excellent resource for authoritative analysis of your samples in our fully equipped state-of-the-art particle characterization laboratory.

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Instrumentation and measurement techniques for the characterization of powdered and porous materials.

Sales Contact

Mr Martin Thomas

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Quantachrome Instruments

1900 Corporate Dr
Florida, 33426 Boynton Beach

Phone: 1 (561) 7314999

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